Hi, I am Vincent but everyone call me Chafouin. I am a software engineer for F-Secure, a finnish cybersecurity company. Welcome to my sweet blog. This blog is not about me: I won’t post thoughts or personnal stories, this blog is dedicated to computer science. I will write articles about system administration, cloud architecture, automation and a lot of different topics, all relate to DevOps practices. As I said I am not here to talk about me but to share what I learn and think it can be interested to share.

In my spare time I enjoy system administration, scripting and testing new open-source tools, understand how they work and how they can be used. But I had always keep everything for myself: if it works or not, if I found a better way to do it, if I was completely mistaken. That was selfish, I agree. Every time I wanted to understand something or if I was stuck or I needed some hints, I checked first if someone on his blog, on Reddit or StackExchange had already faced the same issue. Most of the time I find an answer to my question on the Internet. But sometime I stumble upon an issue without getting a clear solution from the Internet and I have to build my own. What if someone have the same issue, I find a way to make it work and I don’t share it ? He will surely waste his time trying to figure this out. That’s what I realize, even my small experience can be useful to someone eventually. This is the very purpose of this blog: trying to participate and help after years of lurking. I hope you will enjoy it and learn something new after reading. I will be very happy if somehow I helped someone with it. But remember, I am just a human and I still learn new things everyday, what I say is not the one and only truth and I don’t pretend to be an absolute reference. Don’t be afraid to contact me if you have questions, see some mistakes or think I am a total joke and I should stop everything IT related and start to sell roasted chestnuts on the street.