Monitoring: from Sensu to Elastic Stack

Few months ago, I wrote an article for the company I work for about Sensu and how to collect metrics and forward them into ElasticSearch. This is only a PoC but I think it can be useful, at least to understand how to setup Sensu and Logstash and how Sensu checks and handlers work.

Of course there is better metrics gathering solution like TICK stack and so on but if you already have Sensu client deploy on your infrastructure and you don’t want to install another software like Collectd, Filebeat or Telegraf in order to send metrics into Graphana, InfluxDB or ElasticSearch. I will show you a way to interface Sensu with ElasticSearch. But you can easily adapt Sensu if you want to send metrics to any metrics vizualisation software.

You can read the whole article here:

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